Pre-Montessori 2 years – 3 years

The Pre-Montessori Room is a play based child directed room where the children work in partnership with the adult, children learn and are supported to express themselves best, which is play.  The activities are child lead and provide opportunities for holistic development which captures the whole child.

We teach children self care skills and care of the environment skills which stem from Montessori and aid each child’s growing sense of independence

Montessori 3-5 years

The Montessori room is also play based with many interest areas for the children to choose from.  The practitioners work in partnership with the children and extend and promote activities on an emergent basis.  For example if we had planned to teach children about the number 1 using the blocks but the children show more interest in playing with the farm then we will devise an activity which uses the animals and encompasses their interests.

During the day in Montessori the children have their small group time.  This is where the children become skilled at carrying out Montessori based activities aimed at encouraging independence, self discipline and motivation.  Children work at their own pace and choose their own activities.


Little Stars Pre-School is a purpose built facility open between the hours of 9am and 12pm term time only. The pre-school caters for children aged between 3 & 5 years of age usually the year before they attend primary school.  We follow the same play based curriculum with small group work and large group work.  The group has all the interest areas listed below and children who attend are eligible for the free ECCE scheme if they meet the age criteria.  The Pre-School is an ideal way for preparing children for school.

After School

Our after-school club is open from 1.15pm daily during term time & full days in the school holidays. The children have their own space where they have a hot dinner on arrival from school. They have the opportunity to do homework & then do other fun activities such as arts & crafts, cookery, wii, games and outdoor play.

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