About Us

At Little Stars Montessori School, we believe in a fun, play based approach to learning and development in the early years.

Our teachers are passionate about childcare and expert in supporting your child’s development within a playful and fun atmosphere.  Every child’s journey is unique and is recorded in a Learning Journey story book that is filled with paintings, collages, drawings and photographs of your child and their new friends.

Pre-school children’s favourite word is ‘why?’ and they have an endless curiosity about the world.  This is when your child really learns to learn. It’s a time of non-stop exploration and discovery, when your child absorbs everything around them.

We recognise that the preschool years of 3-5 are especially important and lay the foundations of your child’s primary education. At this stage we introduce the Montessori method of teaching. Your child is introduced to the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics in preparation for school, all the while in a fun, exciting and colourful way.

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” Maria Montessori

Our Montessori environments are designed and fully equipped with Montessori materials to prepare children for starting school.  We embrace Maria Montessori`s philosophy that recognises each individual child’s potential.  We ensure that children have the opportunity to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun and supportive environment which meets their individual needs.

Our Montessori curriculum consists of practical life and sensorial activities, sounds and reading, numeracy, geography as well as music and movement, art and crafts, dance, and physical education.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind Little Stars Montessori School is to create a happy, safe, stimulating and inclusive environment which promotes equal opportunities for all. We aim to be a home away from home, where children form positive attachments with our practitioners. This provides children with a sense of well-being making them feel safe, secure and cared for.

We achieve this through our progressive curriculum which strongly promotes the rights of the child to be active learners, who learn and practice life through play and child directed emergent activities. This curriculum is devised to facilitate the holistic developmental needs of the child. At Little Stars we embrace a play based emergent curriculum mixed with a little Montessori. We understand that children are active learners which means that they learn most effectively when doing, and doing means playing. Play is how children practice life. We treat each child’s development holistically, so we see one activity as having multiple learning opportunities.

We have a large garden area where there are climbing frames, see-saws and balance beams to encourage gross and fine motor skills and a large green area. We recognize the many benefits of outdoor play and regularly bring indoor activities outside.

Our Staff

- All our Early Years Teachers/ Educators in Little Stars are qualified at a variety of levels from Level 5 to level 9 in Early Childhood Education under the new National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)

- All of our practitioners take part in Continued Professional Development which includes in-service training and external training.

- We have qualified relief staff who are regularly employed to cover sick leave and annual leave.

Our Partners